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i’ve been hooked on playing PC games lately and at the moment i’m playing Rise Of Nations: Gold Edition. this is a real-time strategy (RTS) game where you are the leader of a civilization whose sole purpose is too survive and dominate the entire world! bwahahaahahaahahahhaah!

anyway, it was great while it lasts until you’ve outgrown it. if you are the type that can quickly outgrow a game, like me, there are a mods (modifications) available that’ll make gaming more challenging. one of them is which has lots of great mods to suit everyone.

game mods are not the same as game cheats. game cheats lets you win a game unfairly. game mods allows you to play a game modified to some extent to make it more fun.

as with everything else, don’t use cheats in a game. i denounced all game cheats! to hell with them! 🙂


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