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Okay one of you (as if there’s more) mentioned that I didn’t say much of myself. Well here goes, I was born in Manila in 1964, grew up in a decrepit Victorian house piled with antique books and oddments. There!

I am a network professional working as a, lemme guess, network person? I manage large network of Windows and Solaris servers encompassing entire countries. Nope I don’t do routers but I am a network security freak.

Aside from the above, I enjoy eating foods from all known and unknown countries and as such I know how to cook (though it’s not directly proportional that I eat what I cook; ever heard of “guinea pigs”?).

I read on BBC that surfing the web helps stimulate (like keep active) the thinking and thought processes of above 40s folks so basically during weekends I am just a web potato surfing everywhere when am not playing my games.

Hey what else can a guy to do when you broke your ankle (more like spirit) climbing mountains!?


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  1. Loved it! Specially About Me and the the movies. You have said a lot without saying anything about the real you!! and the movie – sounds very interesting, shall watch it.

    Did you really break your ankle? That must be tough, having to depend on someone else or having to hobble around (assuming there is a cast on your foot).

    Just noticed a typo – you have spelt fancies with an s.

    Take care and looking forward to reading more on your blog.

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